MING Labs Contacts — We work anywhere

In addition to this website, we also have a couple of offices. We never limit ourselves just to these spots: We work anywhere. We like it on the road.

After 3 years of partially remote work, our Berlin team has finally landed a cozy home base in the heart of Kreuzberg. Our office can be found in the Mindspace co-working space on Skalitzer Straße, located next to Görlitzer Park and Kreuzberg Markthalle.

We’re enjoying our lunch breaks exploring all the hipster food and coffee places, and soaking up some sun (when it decides to make an appearance). While some team members come in every day, others still prefer working from home and only join us on Wednesdays for our designated team co-working day. And then, collaboration and falafel-fueled productivity.

For our Shanghai team, we were looking for a studio big enough to have everyone working together in one space. Having more and more remote meetings was calling for that. Common "remote" phrase in uncommon times…

We settled down on Yongjia Road – the heart of a hipster area with all desired places to eat, drink and have fun. From Vanilla Dirty (a whiskey-infused milk coffee) to Chinese dumplings: You’ll be amazed by what you can find here. And being the diverse gourmet bunch that we are, you can tell we feel pretty right in this spot.

By the way, the street used to be home to a looong list of famous Chinese artists and politicians. But since we’ve now reached the end of our paragraph, you might as well look these up on your favorite search engine.

The street is named after sculptor Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler (1802-48), whose main work is the Bavaria statue that overlooks Munich's Oktoberfest site. You might have heard of it, or even been there for a beer or two.

Our studio is located in a neo-baroque architectural complex that also houses Deutsches Theater (German Theater). It was actually the first theater that introduced the brand-new genre of musical to the German post-war audience in 1961 — making it a bridge to New York Broadway and the world.

You see, there's a lot about this location that we can relate to. Because we build bridges too. From Bavaria to Singapore, China and New York, bringing people together. And of course, beer is something we'll rarely say no to.

12 people
5 languages

In Singapore, we’ve embraced a human-centric approach to working. It all started in 2020, and since then, we have rethought our in-office studio concept...totally.

And now here we are, in a new way of working accelerated by you-know-what, mixing work from home, discovering new co-working spaces, and mingling online over coffee.

We believe that by giving our team the freedom to choose where they work, we empower them to be more productive and creative. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy working from their couch now and again?

New York
Designers on demand. Like Uber. Sort of.
We don't have a team constantly present in NYC, but everything's ready for them to come and start working.
R&D lab 20 minutes away from Shanghai
A very new office (opened late 2019) in a tiny Chinese city (4 mln residents). It took us less time to open this office than to create this website.