In addition to this website, we also have a couple of offices. We never limit ourselves just to these spots: We work anywhere. We like it on the road.

In the earlier days, we shared a tiny office in a hipster mecca at Rosenthaler Platz with a couple of freelancers. Now we have a new place, five times bigger (and somewhat fancier, too), and give away desk spaces to freelancers ourselves.


Our building is listed as a cultural heritage monument and has its own name — Haus Dessau (Dessau House). Among other institutions, the building was also home to the embassies of Senegal, Montenegro, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. Sadly, during the Second World War, more than half of the complex was destroyed. It was restored and rebuilt in the late 80s and early 90s — and now here we are. We do our best to keep it safe, but in these never know.

Jing'an District is probably the most trendy and cosmopolitan district in Shanghai today, although we might be biased. The building previously belonged to the Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Factory and was a Foreign Post Office — which is, in a way, unavoidably ironic. Some polls included it in the list of important historical buildings in Shanghai. Come by whenever you're in town.


Schwanthaler Str. 13, Aufgang II, 80336 München, Germany

10 people
3 languages

Since the 14th century, the street (Hotterstraße) has been named after a citizen called Hot, who owned a garden here. We Germans are a very inventive bunch.

The office is located in Munich’s historic city center, just around the corner from tourist spots Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz with its neo-gothic New Town Hall. We strongly advise to stay away from them in case you’re ever around.

Between 1945 and 2008, the publishing building of Süddeutsche Zeitung (South German Newspaper), one of the largest daily newspapers in Germany today, was located next door. That’s as far as we ever got to Really Big Press.

12 people
5 languages

The name Tras Street dates from an 1898 municipal resolution to "use names of rivers and districts in the Malay Peninsula as being better adapted to the purpose [of naming streets] than the names of persons or families." Fully understanding the difficulties of naming anything, we can hardly argue with
that decision.

New York
Designers on demand. Like Uber. Sort of.
We don't have a team constantly present in NYC, but everything's ready for them to come and start working.
R&D lab 20 minutes away from Shanghai
A very new office (opened late 2019) in a tiny Chinese city (4 mln residents). It took us less time to open this office than to create this website.