Strategy by MING Labs

From Opportunities To Outcome

Whether you are aiming to transform your core business or explore future business models, you need a paradigm shift in your strategy. Transformative businesses are able to deliver experiences that redefine industries. We take a design-led approach to map your growth opportunities, validate them with your audiences and provide you with a business case within weeks. We design and manage innovation and transformation programs that produce a pipeline of transformative digital products. We work with you to create the platforms and programs you need to sustain transformation and excel tomorrow.

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Opportunity Mapping

The opportunity map is the playing field of the modern change maker. It contains a pipeline of initiatives for the short, mid and long term. The opportunities are mapped against their value to the user, business impact for your organization, investment and risk. This gives you the foundation you need to assemble a portfolio of transformative products and keep the big picture in mind while zeroing in on what is next.

Our approach focuses on uncovering and correctly framing the problems and pain points that contain the most value. We don't come with solutions in mind, but tailor the process to your needs. We believe that every brand is unique in some important ways that are key to its identity. And this identity needs to be nourished rather than standardized, becoming the North Star of our inquiry.

Opportunity Validation

Today’s world requires bringing strategy close to execution. The opportunity validation contains the business case of an initiative as well as the test of the riskiest assumptions it contains. This allows you to clearly understand the remaining risk that it carries – and the potential reward. With that full picture available, you can make informed decisions that drive real impact, tailored to your risk appetite.

We thrive on the design thinking and lean approach to innovation by running small, structured experiments from the beginning. By working in small teams that mix strategists, designers and engineers, we ideate, model and validate a new business idea within two weeks. This helps you act fast while considerably increasing the hit rate of the innovative products in your pipeline.

Transformation Program

Innovation and transformation should become organizational habits. Your organization will need to reinvent itself time and time again. Continuous transformation is the key to remaining relevant. Programs help you build that habit by continuously running the core activities that lead to change. Regularity is key to sustain transformation through the right structures, ingrained in your organization.

With our core services in every relevant area, we tailor bespoke programs to your organization. In a well-designed combination of digital strategy, internal enablement and world-class UX production, you get a steady pipeline of transformative products. Every insight feeds back into the program, continuously improving the operations and impact of that innovation and transformation engine.

You do not need a transformation strategy,but a strategy that drives transformation.

Through opportunity mapping and validation, we help GROHE improve their service and become more customer-centric.

Together with innovation leaders at the filter specialist, we identify and build their revenue streams of tomorrow.

Our team helped to map out and transform the Channel and Distribution management to create transparency for the telco.