Production by MING Labs

From Insights To Impact

The expectations of your customers have never been higher and the entry barriers of the next disruptor have never been lower. Falling short on the production of your initiatives inhibits the full value potential. Your brand needs to deliver world-class experience from interface to service. Truly transformative products are setting new standards in user experience through every layer of their inception. This will determine your ability to acquire and retain customers, talent and partners. We develop digital products that redefine businesses and industries.

Denza dashboard

Proof Of Concept

Your solution cannot turn into a successful product without testing. We bring the key ideas of your new product to life in iterative prototypes ready for users to get their hands on. Through the generated customer insights, we continuously improve value proposition and UX. This puts you in the perfect position to decide whether to pivot or move into full-scale production. It’s also a great tool to create buy-in from various stakeholders.

Full Release

The full release is the first version of your product to be fully deployed and productively used. It is often synonymous with the Minimum Viable Product in that it creates full value around a key use case and is the basis for further extension and optimization. It also comes with a comprehensive set of metrics aligned around your key business objectives. Working in a series two-week sprints, we will develop all the features required to get your product to market. While the first release is an important milestone, we create modular and scalable systems to enable future improvements and iterations.


The development of a digital product doesn't end with its release. Transformative digital products evolve and improve over time. We continue to optimize and innovate the product based on the way it is being used, the data it collects and new technology enablers that emerge. This keeps improving the user experience and increases the switching cost for users. Get more out of your investments by making sure they keep appreciating in value and increase their returns on your business goals consistently.

Production excellence results inmemorable user experiences.

From the future of mobility to experiences for connected motorbikes, we work with BMW on new digital initiatives.

Together with Bosch we work on Smart Manufacturing and IIoT – designing the interfaces that will run future factories.

With Lufthansa Innovation Hub we’re looking at the customer journeys in aviation, finding key points for creating delight.