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From Capabilities To Capacity

Digital transformation is really about people and mindset transformation. Your transformational efforts won't succeed without buy-in from your teams. They need to adapt new behaviors – becoming customer-focused, break traditional organizational silos and test solutions faster. We are ready to work closely with your teams to make them part of the transformation process and help them acquire the skills they need in order to win.

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Transformation Training

Transformation trainings are a great way to create buy-in for your programs and generate new insights at the same time. Your teams will learn about transformation, digital strategy, new ways of working and your initiatives. They will apply tools from Design Thinking and Lean Business to solve real business challenges they're facing today. This creates engagement, fosters understanding and changes minds.

Our trainings create the foundation for successful transformation. By learning and applying methods from Design Thinking and Lean Business, your teams get new tools to think differently. Giving them a new vocabulary and tool kit will enable them to understand. Our facilitators address participants' questions and concerns based on experience from hundreds of engagements. Experience which we help to make yours.

Transformation Practice

While a training can change mindsets, it cannot change habits. These take time and repetitive behavioral reinforcement to form. A new behavior takes at least 60 days to take hold. In order to turn the newly acquired capabilities into capacity, your digital change agents need time, practice and the right environment. Continued application, expert feedback and enough space to experiment are key ingredients.

Our co-creation programs can take place at your site or ours. By working closely with your teams on their initiatives from start to finish, we'll involve your employees in the transformation process, helping establish new behaviors and facilitate lasting change. When they return to their business or functional units, they become powerful advocates and change agents. These are the people you need throughout the organization.

Team Augmentation

Lasting transformation takes time and serious resources. A sizable part of the global organization should be committed to the undertaking to have a realistic chance. While you won’t have so many people available in the beginning, you can enhance your capacity with experts from the outside. They will further bring in the processes and tool kits you'll need down the road for your own team.

Our digital experts have created hundreds of transformative products – this is experience you can leverage. Starting out, you'll likely have few processes and tool kits in place. Important considerations include design and development operations and governance, brand and design systems, as well as collaboration modes and tools. Our teams bring in best-practice experience on all levels to help you get a head start.

To transform an organization,you need to transform the behaviors of the people.

Through transformation training and practice, we help coach and nurture digital change makers in the chemical industry.

We are supporting one of Germany’s largest utility companies by augmenting their capabilities to scout innovation trends in Singapore.

We help train the industrial innovation catalysts of tomorrow and work closely with them to solve real business problems.