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Luke Roberts

The World's First Truly Smart Lamp


Since Edison, light has not been redefined as much as it has been by Luke Roberts. The Austrian hardware startup produces a smart LED lamp with a broad range of features. With the iOS app created by MING Labs, unique directional lighting technology and powered by artificial intelligence, the lamp creates the perfect light for any situation. This project beautifully demonstrates how digital experiences amplify the utility of the hardware – potentially defining the product’s key selling point.

Luke Roberts’ initial Kickstarter campaign in 2015 performed way better than expected, indicating a strong interest from the public. The original goal of €50,000 was exceeded by much – raising over €410,000 – and the lamp sparked huge international media coverage.

Creative Concept
UX Design
Internet of Things
App Development

Collaborating On Hardware And Software Development

On the mission to create a unified experience for a smart design lamp, Luke Roberts owned the product and was responsible for the hardware side, while MING Labs was commissioned to design the user experience of the digital companion app. A challenging setup considering that development cycles and principles are fundamentally different for hardware and software products.

The Paint Your Light Concept

The first iteration of the user experience design for the lamp happened without a prototype, just early ideas of hardware specs and product design. Yet the vision laid out the target experience. With that in mind, and kicking off both tracks simultaneously, we quickly came up with the “Paint Your Light” concept. This was vital to informing the next steps of hardware design and development.

Today, using MING Labs “Paint Your Light” technology, the final product is the world’s first smart lamp that allows users to direct the light where they need it. The lamp learns from the user’s behavior and turns on the most likely light scene based on usage pattern, time of day and surrounding light.

The Paint Your Light Concept undefined

Great product experience requires physical and digitaltouchpoints to work harmoniously to delight the user.