Executive assistant, Singapore

What you will be doing

As our part-time Executive Assistant in Singapore, you will work closely with our COO & Project Lead to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Your areas of involvement will include accounting, human resources and operations, amongst others. You will take responsibility to support the operation and production teams, to enable the team to run efficiently. You are a critical team member in ensuring that the employee & client experience is optimized.

This role will be varied across a number of different areas within the business. Your specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Accounting, Finance & Sales

  • Consult with project & sales leads to ensure that minimum contractual standards are employed.
  • Support sales team in providing sales/marketing material as required.
  • Ensure that for the Singapore office, financial payments for projects are invoiced in a timely fashion with a goal to reduce the gap between milestone achievement and invoice correct receipt. Also that accounts payable transaction have been validated and confirmed for payment.
  • Upon project confirmation, manage the input of all financial information into a tool for COO & Project Lead to track.
  • Manage communication with clients (directly or indirectly) to ensure the collection of correct information for timely invoice issuance. Accountable for ensuring receipt and correct compliance with all invoices submitted (directly or indirectly).
  • Manage communication with external suppliers for invoice issuance to clients.
  • Manage internal communication to ensure that project managers/client leads are informed about upcoming milestones & invoice dates.
  • Handle invoices received from suppliers in coordination with an external accounting firm.
  • Ensure all office projects legal documentation is correctly stored & shared with relevant external suppliers.
  • General support tasks in liaising with an external accounting firm on behalf of the management.
  • Managing licensing of project tools.

Human Resources (People & Organization)

  • Handle job postings for open positions in close communication with the COO, Project Lead and Global P&O.
  • Keep an updated overview of the hiring pipeline and coordinate with internal stakeholders and applicants to move the application process forward swiftly (incl. organizing interviews & taking screening calls), also by using respective tools (Personio).
  • Take full responsibility for operationally onboarding new employees as per the standard onboarding checklist and in cooperation with global P&O.
  • Maintain up-to-date personnel records.
  • Keep track of anniversaries, contract renewals and regular reviews, and coordinate with management to smoothly run all necessary events.
  • Take review notes and archive, share finalized reviews with global P&O for filing.
  • Lead the organization of team events in coordination with management.
  • Take full responsibility for operationally offboarding departing employees as per the standard offboarding checklist and in cooperation with global P&O
  • Draft invitations for foreign visitors.
  • Assist in visa preparation for MING Singapore employees who require them for overseas business travel.


  • Assist the Chief Operating Officer and Project Lead with day-to-day requests (including, but not limited to, making online purchases, running errands and similar).
  • Book necessary travel and accommodation for the team as requested, and help to coordinate with third parties as necessary.
  • Be the owner of office primary communication channels (phone, mail & recruitment email). Ensure that all are timely received and responded to.
  • Track annual leaves and forecast.
  • Track and arrange annual reviews, keep global P&O in the loop in a timely manner.
  • Scheduling of meetings, workshops, research slots during projects.
  • Preparation of formal and project documentation.
  • Preparation and gathering of inputs (e.g. agendas, etc) for meetings & presentations.
  • Taking minutes and actions during meetings.
What we are looking for

4 years of relevant experience.

Excellent communication skills.

You are proactive and able to drive operational activities with efficiency and speed.

You are organised, and discreet whilst being proficient within a fast paced, chaotic and change-driven environment.

You must be a confident self starter.

Why MING Singapore?

MING is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and commit to providing an inclusive environment of mutual respect.

We’re officially Great Place To Work certified! “It’s our people who make MING a great place to work every single day.”

Here at MING Labs, your ideas matter (a lot). You’ll have the opportunity to shape every piece of your work.

Our team is full of smart and dedicated folks who excel in their professions (and are fun to work with, too).

With our diverse projects and clients, there’s always something new to learn - our clients are keeping us busy!

Flexibility on when to take public holiday leave.

A work-from-home budget and IT kit making this new way of work as comfortable and efficient for you as we can.